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E-POWER is a community-based e-commerce logistics collaboration platform, which has successfully access a series of roles such as sellers, buyers, operators and logistics carriers in cross-border e-commerce activities. The seller can complete the delivery of goods, booking, labeling, payment, tracking, receipt of the entire supply chain logistics operations on line . E-power  allows the visualization of information and situations in all logistics nodes. Link to share . At present,  through the E-POWER platform, we can achieve the FBA service, dropshipping  and overseas warehouse all the online operation function.
E -POWER is committed to manufacturing for China, especially in the OEM / ODM manufacturers as the representative of China's high-quality products to provide rapid transformation of cross –border e-commerce  one-stop logistics services.

With the rapid development of Amazon, the company actively layout, accelerate the development of Amazon logistics. Now we has opened shipping, air transport, railways, trucks, courier multi-channel multi-portfolio, to provide more convenient, economical FBA service. At the same time,  we also provide professional FBA product testing, labeling and care, as well as Returns etc. a series of value-added services. We have lways been striving for domestic and foreign Amazon businessmen to provide one-stop and satisfied FBA service

Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer. By use of E-power , goods can be traced on any procedure from booking, warehouse, export ,sorting, package, export clearing couriering, , import clearing, tax paying  and last distribution. E-POWER real-time updates all the logistics dynamics, so that retailers and buyers real-time understanding of the latest information on the goods.

Overseas Warehouse
Overseas warehousing refers to the establishment of overseas storage facilities. In cross-border e-commerce, the overseas warehouse refers to the enterprise through the bulk of the goods transported to the target market countries, in the local establishment of warehouses, storage of goods, and then according to local sales orders, the first time to respond, The warehouse is sorted, packed and distributed directly. Through overseas warehouses, enterprises can reduce logistics costs, speed up the logistics time, to provide product exposure to enhance customer satisfaction. It is conducive to open up the market.


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